Residential Roofing

construction1Leaking roofs can be an enormous problem. Not only do they cause mold, mildew and damage to your home and furnishings, but they also allow hundreds of your hard earned heating and cooling dollars to fly right out of your home. Leaking roofs can be caused from excessive storms, falling tree limbs or cracked and sun damaged shingles. It is not only important to have your roof inspected every so often, but to make any repairs it needs immediately. Leaks, if not repaired, can cause structural damage to your home caused by excessive dampness. Damaged shingles are notorious for allowing water to get into your home as are clogged gutters. When the gutters are clogged, water will overflow back through the gutters and into the inside walls of your home, causing them to weaken and eventually, start leaking into the interior of your home.

With the weather of New York often going back and forth between heavy rain, snow storms and intense sunshine, this means the likelihood of roof damage is great. This is where Green Island Group, Co. comes in. We have experience in working with insurance adjusters and claims specialists in instances of damage from storms. Whether your old roof is in trouble or it’s time to install a new roof, we want to be the company you think of to keep your family safe and dry year round. Our team of courteous and reliable experts are here when you need us.

Commercial Roofing

construction1Green Island Group, Co. is qualified to repair, restore and replace your commercial roofing.  Since the beginning, we have excelled in the technical know-how to make sure your individual commercial roofing needs are met.   If your project involves a large flat or low slope surface, or a combination of low slope and steep grade or any variation thereof, Green Island Group, Co. is your top choice for service in the greater New York area.  We’ve seen it all:  old buildings, new construction, retro-fit, we’ve done it with successful and outstanding results to satisfy even the most particular customer.  Plus, with our amazing relationships to all the best roofing manufacturers, you are guaranteed an outcome that you can be confident in. Many roofers offer installation and repair services, but there are only a few roofing contractors who truly showcase exceptional professionalism, craftsmanship and world class labor-skills. Each of our workers is well trained, certified and experienced enough to handle all commercial roof repair or installation services. Our workers are extremely reliable and offer top quality advice to clients so that they can choose the best material possible for their commercial roof, depending upon their climatic and location specifications.  Green Island Group, Co. wants to assure you, the business owner, peace of mind when it comes to your commercial roofing needs.  After all, you have enough to worry about. Your roof should not be one of them.