Long Island's Water Damage Restoration

Green Island Group understands the specific needs and challenges of all New Yorkers, from Manhattan to Montauk. We are familiar with how quickly a storm can escalate into flood damage in your basement or how snow or rain storm damage can get into your roof, ruining your beautiful home and furnishings. Torrential rain falls and heavy snowstorms, freezing weather that bursts pipes, high tides; we have seen and dried it all! Flood damage in your home or business can destroy furniture, cabinets, walls, floors and more, but that’s just the beginning of the problem! When water damage is not treated immediately it can lead to moist and humid conditions that toxic mold grows in. If you have leaks, flood damage, leaking or broken pipes, soggy or swelling cabinets, humidity issues, soaked or wet carpet, sewage backup, garbage disposal leaks, slab leaks or any type of standing water in your home or business, it is important to find and fix the problem as soon as possible. That’s what Green Island Group does best!


Coronavirus Cleanup

More and more homeowners and business owners are looking for assistance with coronavirus cleaning of their homes and offices.  We follow very specific CDC guidelines and we have all the tools and specialists on staff to help everyone in these very stressful times.  If you would like some more information about our coronavirus clean up then please click here.  If you need help immediately then please call us at:  (631) 256 – 5711


Why Green Island Group?

Green Island Group is the company you want responding to water and flood damage emergencies. If you have ever suffered a water damage loss as a result of flood damage, mold damage, or fire damage, Green Island Group understands that your home or office requires prompt attention. There is no time to waste with making appointments or calling around to find someone who is open weekends or late at night. Our company is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to swiftly locate the source of the damage, as well as implement a plan of to get your home back in shape.

The Green Island Group Process

Our fully licensed service professionals are experts in flood damage restoration, no matter what the time or how extensive the flood damage. Green Island Group takes the time to remove the water damage by repairing water soaked walls and carpeting. We also sanitize your business or home to keep it smelling fresh, clean and safe from mold and mildew damage. We do this by utilizing the best structural drying techniques available and by using specially formulated cleansing agents that are unique to our company. In essence, we restore your home back to the way it was before the damage took place: fresh, clean, dry and above all, safe for you and your family and we don’t quit until all the work is done to your satisfaction.

Call Green Island Group when flood damage strikes.

About Green Island Group

Green Island Group is the leading damage repair company specializing in mold and mildew remediation, disaster repair restoration, flood and fire damage repair and oil tank removal, and asbestos removal. Located in Long Island, New York area, our company strives to swiftly repair and restore your home or business’s interior and exterior at an unbeatable price.  We dry out your home and office, not your wallet!

100% Licensed and Insured

Fully Insured

Green Island Group Corp of Long Island is fully insured including liability, and workman's compensation.

Licensed in Long Island

Green Island Group Co is fully licensed in to perform all services in Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Licensed in New York City

Green Island Group Co is fully licensed in to perform all services in all five boroughs of NYC.

Why work with Green Island Group?

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Quick Response
  • Friendly, Professional Staff
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Flexible Appointment Availability


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