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Nancy Marano Silva
Nancy Marano Silva
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I needed a professional consultation explanation of procedure for safe removal of Asbestos in my apartment complex. Without having an account yet, I was very impressed with the caring, knowledgeable and generous advice offered by Jessica, and will look forward to doing business in the future. Thank you so much! I feel much more informed about a sometimes scary endeavor. Peace. Nancy Silva Mineola, NY.
Mia Munoz
Mia Munoz
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Used this company to clean up some water flood in my house. They were fast and easy to work with.very professional, Would recommend to anyone!
Nini Valle
Nini Valle
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Great company, had a flood and they responded quickly and efficiently. Billed my insurance company directly. I highly recommend this company!
joe colapietro, jr
joe colapietro, jr
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I had pipe freeze in my basement right before a snow storm and they made to within an hour to help start the clean up process. They we by our side throughout the entire process and even helped with the insurance company. They did such a great job with the cleanup, repair, remidiation, I contracted them to perform the repairs and finishes in the basement. They came with enough manpower and material to get the job done. Leo and Jessica were nothing but a pleasure to deal with!!
Cristian Arredondo c
Cristian Arredondo c
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I had some water damage in my home and Green Island was able to take care of my issue quickly and effectively. I am very pleased with the work they did. They responded quickly and were very professional.
Michael M
Michael M
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Outstanding service! From the office to the field crew everyone was friendly, helpful and responsive. I highly recommend Green Island Group.

Your All-In-One Emergency Response Team For Fire & Water Restoration In Levittown, NY

Are you in need of fire damage restoration? Are you searching for Levittown or NY water damage restoration? Look no further than Green Island Group NY, which offers efficient water and fire damage restoration services.

At Green Island Group NY in Nassau County, our smoke damage clean-up technicians are certified and trained to handle any level of damage.

We can help you throughout each step of the water and fire damage clean-up process and return your commercial or residential property to its pre-loss condition.

We understand how stressful a fire or flood can be, so we make our services as accessible to our customers as possible in Nassau County. We have professional tools to ensure that the job is done correctly. You can start to give us a quick call to our offices to reserve our services.

Our Foremost Fire And Water Restoration Services

1) Water Damage Restoration and Drying Out

Water intrusion can cause extensive damage to your home or business. It can be difficult to find a reliable water and fire restoration company in Levittown, NY.

You don’t need to spend countless hours identifying the right emergency fire damage repair service provider to deal with your damaged property.

Our restoration company team in Levittown, NY, is prepared to handle any size of water damage restoration project to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

Our highly trained fire damage restoration technicians in NY are committed to completing the water restoration job and drying out correctly, using the most advanced and safest technology available.

2) Fire Damage Restoration

A fire or smoke damage can cause extensive damage to your home or business when it breaks out.

The fire sprinkler system or firefighting efforts may have caused extensive fire and smoke damage and severe flood damage to your property.

We have the experience and specialized fire restoration services machinery to clean up and restore your property to its previous state every time. Rely on our Green Island Group NY once the smoke has cleared.

3) Odor Removal & Smoke Remediation

Did you know that even a small fire can cause permanent damage to your property if not repaired correctly? There are numerous potential causes of smoke damage, and it may appear that removing the odor from your walls, floors, and furnishings is nearly impossible. 

Our expert team at Green Island Group NY is highly trained in smoke remediation and fire damage repair in Levittown, NY, and specializes in smoke damage clean-up and odor removal from commercial and residential properties.

4) Demolition & Board-up

When a disaster strikes, you need a fire and water restoration company in NY that puts safety, integrity, and efficiency first. Green Island Group NY in Levittown, NY, provides immediate assistance following a flood, fire, or storm. 

We will work with you to develop a customized solution for your situation, whether you require board-up, roof tarping, or demolition services. Our demolition services are designed to reduce potential damage to your property before a storm arrives or to secure your property after an unexpected disaster.

Are You Looking For Fire And Water Restoration Services In Levittown, NY? You Can Count Us!

As a family-owned company in Levittown, NY, we specialize in emergency disaster services like fire and water restoration and smoke remediation solutions. You can rely on Green Island Group NY for safe and complete water and fire damage clean-up and restoration in NY.

When disaster strikes and every second counts, rely on our fire restoration company, Green Island Group NY, to restore your property and peace of mind. Call us on 631-256-5711 for your emergency fire & water restoration needs.

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Levittown is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, in New York, United States. It is located halfway between the villages of Hempstead and Farmingdale. As of the 2010 census, the CDP had a total population of 51,881, making it the most populated CDP in Nassau County and the second most populated CDP on Long Island, behind only Brentwood.

The building firm, Levitt & Sons, headed by Abraham Levitt and his two sons, William and Alfred, built four planned communities called “Levittown”, in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico; the Levittown in New York was the first. Additionally, Levitt & Sons’ designs are featured prominently in the older portion of Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Vernon Hills, Illinois; Willingboro Township, New Jersey; the Belair section of Bowie, Maryland; and the Greenbriar section of Fairfax, Virginia.

The Levitt firm began before World War II, as a builder of custom homes in upper middle-class communities on Long Island. During the war, however, the home building industry languished under a general embargo on private use of scarce raw materials. William “Bill” Levitt served in the Navy in the Seabees – the service’s construction battalions – and developed expertise in the mass-produced building of military housing using uniform and interchangeable parts. He was insistent that a postwar building boom would require similar mass-produced housing, and was able to purchase options on large swaths of onion and potato fields in undeveloped sections of Long Island.

Returning to the firm after war’s end, Bill Levitt persuaded his father and brother to embrace the utilitarian system of construction he had learned in the Navy. With his brother, Alfred, who was an architect, he designed a small one-floor house with an unfinished “expansion attic” that could be rapidly constructed and as rapidly rented to returning GIs and their young families. Levitt & Sons built the community with an eye towards speed, efficiency, and cost-effective construction; these methods led to a production rate of 30 houses a day by July 1948.They used pre-cut lumber and nails shipped from their own factories in Blue Lake, California, and built on concrete slabs, as they had done in a previous planned community in Norfolk, Virginia. This necessitated negotiating a change in the building code, which prior to the building of this community, did not permit concrete slabs. Given the urgent need for housing in the region, the town agreed. Levitt & Sons also controversially utilized non-union contractors in the project, a move which provoked picket lines. On the other hand, they paid their workers very well and offered all kinds of incentives that allowed them to earn extra money, so that they often could earn twice as much a week as elsewhere. The company also cut out middlemen and purchased many items, including lumber and televisions, directly from manufacturers. The building of every house was reduced to 26 steps, with sub-contractors responsible for each step. His mass production of thousands of houses at virtually the same time allowed Levitt to sell them, with kitchens fully stocked with modern appliances, and a television in the living room, for as little as $8,000 each (equal to $92,721 today), which, with the G.I. Bill and federal housing subsidies, reduced the up-front cost of a house to many buyers to around $400 (equal to $4,636 today).

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Though the answer to this question depends on the extent of the damage, fire damage can frequently be repaired. Our technicians act snappily, performing a thorough examination to assess the damage before working to alleviate redundant humidity from firefighting sweats, safely remove soot and ash residue, and restore structural rudiments and things damaged by heat, honey, or bank. We’ll give guidance and communication about realistic prospects throughout this process.

Every property proprietor will want to start the restoration process and do everything they can themselves to make it more effective. But any trouble in using ménage drawing agents of any kind can actually worsen the damage as it can beget the residue to smear and transude further into the affected material.

It’s stylish to stay for the restoration technicians to arrive. They’ve the proper outfit, products, and coffers to safely restore your structure accouterments and particulars. One thing you can do to prop the restoration process is set particulars aside that must be restored first, similar to electronics. This allows us to be more effective during the recovery process.

This will depend on the extent of the damage. Destruction across multiple bottoms will take days or weeks to restore compared to one roof of a home. Also keep in mind that marketable structures like services and storages will take longer than homes due to their size, and they also have to pass an examination law with the megacity.

This will also depend on the extent of the damage.However, you should dislocate temporarily, If the structure isn’t stable or you’re left without running water or electricity. But for lower fires that affected a single area of the home, small factors like noise dislocation and bank smell will be present. It’s eventually your decision whether or not you choose to stay.