Why It’s Important To Clean Up Oil Spills Immediately

Unfortunately, accidental oil spills happen, whether it’s leakage from your vehicle, random spills in your home or other more pressing situations. Oil spills can be small or large, and even a small oil spill can lead to slip and fall accidents. And let’s not forget the stains that oil spills create. The point is, when an oil spill occurs, it’s vital to clean it up as soon as possible.

oil-Spill-clean-up (1)

Large oil spill cleanup requires professional help. It requires specialized tools and unique techniques to clean the surface.

It is crucial to clean the surface quickly because it can cause more problems later on. Reasons for immediate oil spill cleanup are:

– Health concerns

Not performing oil spill cleanup immediately can create serious health hazards, especially if the spill is in an area that is small and congested, like a basement. Inhaling the oil for even just a few minutes can cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, throat irritation and high blood pressure. It should be noted that you should never touch oil with your bare hands.

– Flooring destroyed

The floor where an oil spill occurs can be destroyed. Like with water damage, damage from oil spills is detrimental to flooring. It’s vital to take action as soon as possible.

– Fire hazard

Do not light matches or ignite any type of flame in the area of an oil spill. Turn off gas appliances or any other electrical appliances to remain safe. An oil spill can quickly catch fire and create havoc. You need to call an oil spill clean-up team to remove any oil spilled in your home.

Again, oil spill cleanup should be done as quickly as possible. It is similar to water damage and water cleanup projects. Delaying projects like water cleanup, water damage restoration or oil spill cleanup will only cause you more trouble later.

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