What is the Difference Between Flood Damage and Water Damage?

People that have suffered from water damage in the past may believe that they understand the problems that flood damage will cause as well, but what many people don’t realize that the two are very different things. While water damage can be problematic and cause real structural issues in a home, flood damage is devastating and much more difficult to remedy.


What is the key difference?

The main difference between water damage and flood damage is that flood water isn’t clean and brings with it some very nasty compounds. It’s likely to come along with sewage, chemicals, dirt, debris and anything else in the nearby community. That means that cleaning up flood damaged sections of a home calls for specialized tools, equipment and knowledge. That’s why it’s important to hire specialists for flood clean up.

Distinguishing between water damage and flood damage

An easy way to distinguish between standard water damage and flood damage is the source of the water and whether or not you’re the only one dealing with trouble from the invading water. Generally, if only your home is being damaged by the water and the surrounding communities aren’t experiencing issues the problem is considered standard water damage. It’s also important to consider how much of the surrounding land is also saturated with water as well as the home. If water is building up all over surrounding land it could be considered a flood issue even if no other houses in your town are suffering from flooding.

Proper flood clean up

There are water extraction experts that understand how to handle flood water clean up, but they typically are more specialized and come with higher fees than your basic water clean up crew. That’s because specialized safety equipment is required for flood clean up; expensive equipment is used to for water extraction and to sterilize the environment, and a lengthy cleaning process is utilized to get that section of the home back to livable standards.

Anyone that’s suffered from flood damage needs to contact an experienced team to handle the issue. When handled improperly, flood damage can be potentially dangerous and create sickness or other health complications, so hire with care.

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