Damage Restoration Tips From Experts: Get Your Life Back

One of the most common types of chemical spills is an oil spill. Oil is used in everything from forklifts and trucks to industrial machines. Oil spills should be cleaned up immediately. These are some tips experts suggest you should follow after an oil spill.


1. Using absorbent materials – Using absorbent materials like pads or mats is an effective way to clean up oil spills. Carefully laying down some absorbent pads into the center of the spill will gradually clean the area.

2. Usage of a vacuum – Large industrial vacuum systems can suck off the oil slick off the affected area. This method is one of the most efficient oil spill cleanup methods.

3. Sorbent – Sorbent is a specialized material which can take forms such as square pads or long booms. They are engineered to only absorb oil. This makes oil spill cleanup very easy.

4. Use of a push broom – By using a push broom and a dustpan, sweep up the compound as it begins to absorb oil. Do not use kitty litter unless it is made of newspaper, wood chips or other absorbent material.

5. Emulsify the spill – Finally, emulsify the oil, spray the remaining spot with dish-washing detergent and warm water.

There are damage restoration techniques for the removal of dangerous asbestos. When you find asbestos in your home, make sure you don’t touch it. This is because touching it can produce dust that contains asbestos fibers. If you are considering the removal of materials that contain asbestos, then keep these four things in mind.

1. If the material is in good condition.
2. Do you have an alternative in the removal of asbestos?
3. Can you comply with the safety procedures for asbestos removal?
4. Never use power tools.

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